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 I am a retired Army officer who works and lives in Seoul, South Korea.  I started working with Erin Evans a year ago.  Since I have been in Korea for many years I was totally unknowledgeable about buying real estate in Hawaii.  I knew what I wanted and how much I wanted to invest but had no way to know how to start or find the right property and how to go through the long process especially when I live four thousand miles away from Hawaii.  Erin came highly recommended by a friend that has lived in Hawaii and has bought multiple properties.  Erin worked with me through email and phone until my wife and I could travel to Hawaii to search.  During our trip Erin and her team (especially her professional husband Ron) spent 2 full weeks working purely at our disposal due to our limited time.  When we returned to Korea Erin continued to communicate with us daily until we found our dream property (at the price we wanted to pay).  She then represented us during construction, closing and doing everything to prepare our home for us to move in.  To say that she is the kind of professional caring person that you can't find in this modern day would be a mild understatement.  It would take me two full pages to describe how much Erin has done for us that has been way beyond what a realtor would or could be expected to do for clients.  It should also be noted that Erin's knowledge of properties in all Hawaii locations is amazing.  Erin was able to provide details on any property I requested and compare the value to other properties in my price range.   I know Erin has many clients but we always felt that we were being treated like we were her only ones.  I highly recommend Erin Evans and her team for any type of property dealings in Hawaii.  Dealing with Erin will save time and money while insuring that a client finds exactly what they want and within their budget.  Thank you Erin for making us feel more than just another closing.


-K.Rimmer (buyer)


I researched possible realtors for a week.  I could not be happier with my choice.  After you decide to sell, the most important step is choosing a realtor.  Erin communicated in a timely manner, was very knowledgeabe and made it very easy for me.  Every thing she did was extremely professional.  I knew I was not dealing with a part-time "side-line" realtor.  She made me feel like my transaction was very important to her.  I like that she had a team behind her so she was available to answer my phone calls and answer my questions.  I felt confident that Erin was looking out for my interests and that she was a very capable, experienced realtor.  After I chose Erin, all I had to do was review offers, choose one and sign documents as they appeared in my email.  Everything happened in order.  Everything was smooth and stress free.  I am confident in the choices I made because I value her guidance.   Talking to her was fun and comfortable.
-B.Bruer (seller)


The market in Hawaii is such that you bid on homes meaning an average of 2,3 and maybe 4 percent higher then asking price.  After several failed attempts we needed one of the best realtor who understood this competitive market.  Then we found Erin Evans and her team who went right to work for us helping us to understand the market in Hawaii. The next home found we didn't have to worry about the bidding system and got the contract. We're now living in our new home and proud of our little piece of paradise.  Great thanks out to Erin and Ron Evans and their team!



Everything was accomplished very professionally and was also incredibly easy with both Erin and Ron Evans to purchase a house. I would most definitely recommend them for any other person looking to buy their first home, or even seasoned buyers because of their consistency and always honest opinions about the market and the homes I looked at. Will definitely use them in the future if I plan on selling or buying again!







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